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I was volunteer participating in Art spreading in this journal (…) of :iconnanafay:

And here I spreading some. I chose three of my favorite arts in her feature.

The Great Emancipator by NanaFay I love this, really so grand!

Hetalia: A RusAme Christmas! (for Hyperkaoru13) by NanaFay This one is Christmas exchange gift for me! I'm so loving Christmas tree!

Hetalia: kitty!Alfred with Sunflowers by NanaFay Kitty!Alfred in Sunflower field is so sweet and bright! XD

If you want to participate in this play, Please answer in the comment and ask for participating. You have to choose 3 most fav in my feature and post it in you journal and asking the other to participate so you could pick their arts too. (I'll post your in my next journal) And the 5 first participant would get to request 500x500 pixels color art from me. You could request any Hetalia character/pairing you want. I'll post you in my gift slots after you choose my arts and ask for participants in your journal. So the first five please post your URL and the request. I'll fill the request before the end of March.

edit : Since the slots still not full filled so I will post the participants and their arts here.

1.:iconfynniona: she request America cuddles with Russia cat! (Filled! -->…)

:thumb345057656: I love the dreaming edge and vivid color. So lovely and warm!

:thumb329445255: This is so rock! I love the 'so ugly, but beautiful' expression in this art.

:thumb346479230: I love how Al so scare but still peaking out to watch and Ivan attempt to play with him. hehehe. I could image the hell broke loose after this picture!

2.:iconkonata101: she request Child!America snuggling with Child!Russia. (Filled -->…)

APH Roulette Bio - Alfred by Konata101 God, I love the description! XD

Another joke about cultures by Konata101 I don't know if it bad to love stereotypes joke, but it's funny!

Hi Hi Puffy USUK Show ^_^ by Konata101 I love cute cartoon style. It's cute and sweet!

3.:iconworld-at-peace: She requested art from a fanfiction, Locked Heart, which is one of my favorite too. (Filled -->…)

She don't have art but she was promised to spread mine so I spread her fanfictions

Psycho (RusAme) (…)
-----Do I need to say more about this fanfiction? I thought I draw most fanarts for this story!

Brother Knows Best (RusAme, UKUS) (…)
-----One word, Arthur's dream. Made me go deadly crazy for UKUS even I'm so strictly RusAme. God bless you, Urchin.

Crown of Stars (RusAme) (…)
-----I...hesitate choosing between CoS and The Scarecrow but CoS come the third. Even I didn't draw fanart for this one yet but I love Russia with Colonial!America. Yes, I'm waiting for this one so hard. :D



Hyperkaoru13's Profile Picture

Right now I'm really busy with work and didn't online much. So I'll go hiatus for a time or released my work but won't reply much. However, thank you for your comment and favorite. It kept me working on my art!

I'm working on Doujinshi : Dating Game project!

Here is link if you interest in read/playing.

1st (…)
2nd (…)
3rd (…)
4th (…)
5th (…)

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